Alorie URBAN

Trendy, modern, cutting edge – it’s all about what’s different and what’s new. Not a passing fad, but ever current.

Alorie URBAN indulges the business traveler who demands high standards with top-notch facilities. The feeling is fresh and functionally spacious.

A range of modern business hotels equipped with the latest in technology – be it for business or the businessperson at play. Through its functional edge Alorie URBAN will keep its guests coming back to learn and experience what’s new and trendy, but with an ever vigilant eye towards profitability and investor returns.

URBAN Brand Essence

  • Ambience: reassuring not pretentious stifling or overwhelming – Exceeding Expectations
  • Credible: expertise in hospitality
  • Savvy: where intelligence, practical knowledge and experience come together
  • Cutting edge: daring to be different to any other offering in the market


URBAN Brand Promise

Daring to be different. In a high-demand market that has often been undersupplied or lacking in service, Alorie Urban is The edge.

An ultra-hip business hotel brand exceeding the service and facilities provided by its competitors, Alorie Urban is a nexus for work and play. Alorie Urban indulges the business traveler accustomed to high standards with top-notch facilities and services previously lacking in their markets – all at the right price.

URBAN Locations & Target Audience

The tech-evangelist wanting the best of ALL worlds, be it high technology, business facilities or leisure choices.

URBAN Brand Pillar

Everything – almost… Say hello to the unusual. Through its functional edge, Alorie Urban will keep its guests coming back for more while yielding a high return to investors.