Technical Services Agreements

As part of our technical services and pre-opening support services, we will work closely with the Project Manager, Architect, Consultants, Designers and project team in every aspect of creating a precise pre-opening work flow that guarantees the plans are translated into an efficient operational frame work.

Following the brand and development concept, Alorie Hospitality monitors the standards of products and services all through the construction phase. In addition to the Pre-opening budget, we provide financial forecasting (5 years to 10 years) and activities of the hotel.

  • Design Guidelines
  • Technical Standards
  • Hotel Brief for the project architects and all other relevant consultants
  • Monitoring during design and build stages of the Project
  • Pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines
  • Food and beverage operating concepts and / or ‘best-in-class’ third party as a tenant
  • Provide methods for identification, hiring and the training of department heads and operational staff
  • Recommendations of acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment
  • Provide for the development and implementation of Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Plans
  • Set up and implementations of guidelines, policies and procedures