Alorie AZURE

A resort and hotel brand that celebrates its location and setting – allowing the surrounding attractions to blend in with the high quality but less ornate interiors.

Materials are likely to be more rustic, allowing the location and surrounding to be the feature while the hotel blends into its environment.

Roomy, indulgent, orderly, reserved, expected – all intended at conveying a delightful yet cherished retreat.


AZURE Brand Essence

Each Azure hotel, resort, spa radiates the soul and ethics of its environment, while proposing a solid sense of independence infused with our Asian heritage.

Retaining the Alorie focus on great bedding and bathroom experience Alorie Azure nevertheless is functionally efficient and space conscious. Fashionable but not pretentious – genuine and stylish hospitality

AZURE Brand Promise

  • Sense of stylishness: fashionable experience based on substance not surface appearance.
  • Allowing the surroundings to take focus with design blending in.
  • Service is dedicated, courteous and anticipating, but kept subtle and less obvious – thorough but not suppressive


AZURE Locations & Target Audience

Celebrating the Blue – with sun, sea, forest and anywhere that celebrates its location, surroundings or the azure blue sky


AZURE Brand Pillar

Contemporary, non pretentious stylishness, authenticity, subtlety, natural, functional.