Operations and Services

Our team at Alorie Hospitality creates a solid foundation and addresses the hotel operations as part of its core SOP’s – processes and policies evaluating the involvement of training and standards versus actual services and guest satisfaction and we provide recommendations on challenges and opportunities for growth.

For our owners our approach to business intelligence and management is to create a competitive and transparent and extremely performing culture in which superior performance and ingenuity is more easily acknowledged and rewarded.

We provide accurate and timely monthly reporting based on the Uniform System of Hotel Accounts with insightful information to owners, management and other parties – including data required for statutory compliance as well as providing for the requirements of the hotel organization in order to deliver strategic direction.

Our monthly financial report is distributed to the property and HQ executives to ensure our business processes occur as smoothly as possible and information used in decision-making is a critical function we are providing to our owners Monthly Financial Report. It is very important that the owner understands the operations process and has access to financial information at any time. We achieve this through:

  • 3 months Forecast and Annual Budget & Capital Expenditure Budget
  • Trend Analysis for the purpose of Revenue/profit improvement
  • Benchmarking with competition
  • FFE / Operating equipment inventories
  • Group Best Practices data
  • Sales and marketing reports and Yield Reports