Luxury – Seclusion – Anonymity.

This Aesthetic Wellness Resort is a new eco-luxury resort brand in Asia, blending natural, local heritage with luxury accommodation and proactive, warm service.

Luxury individual villas harmonize with the local environment giving privacy and exclusivity, alongside warm friendly and discreet service – surprising and delighting guests. Local culture incorporating international standards and service will be ubiquitous throughout the resort.

Within the resort will be a luxury Aesthetic & Wellness Spa, with new cutting edge treatments in beauty and relaxation to provide clients with specific, holistic eastern and western treatments for wellness and pampering.

Food and Beverage will be tailored to its discerning guests’ needs in supreme taste and style worthy of gourmet acclamation.

Alorie Cocoon Silverlakes is a new concept Aesthetic & Wellness Resort of 110 deluxe private pool villas – blending into the natural local lakes and wetlands and celebrating its tranquil surroundings.

The luxurious pool villas are designed to harmonize with the local environment giving maximum privacy and exclusivity, alongside warm and discreet service – surprising and delighting guests. In every way it will deliver a ‘must experience’ impression in architecture, interior design, landscaping and service in addition to the extensive wellness, cosmetic and spa facilities as well as distinctive food & beverage.

The Aesthetic & Wellness facility offers new cutting edge treatments in beauty, rejuvenation and relaxation providing guests with eastern and western as well as alternative treatments for wellness and pampering.

The resort is intended as a preparation/recuperation centre for the cosmetic medical treatments but will also attract resort seekers in their own right by its natural attributes of serenity and tranquility.


COCOON Brand Concept

By definition Cocoon implies an embryo; wrapped, embraced, protected – the Caterpillar. Yet there is a feeling of expectation of emergence, evolution, and deliverance – the Butterfly.

The brand will further have its foundations on the COCOON deliveries – Nature, Nurture, Nourish, Educate, Pamper – throughout every experience we give to clients. For example:


COCOON Brand Promise

  • Nature:
    • Architecture: harmonizing with the local environment and communities
    • Green: Environmentally friendly. Wherever feasible, organic produce, water reticulation, energy saving, solar or other eco friendly features will be incorporated.
    • Service: Local people will be trained and work in the resort – local communities will be involved in activities and communities will benefit.
  • Nurture: Surrounded by beautiful, comfortable, luxury surroundings and proactive, caring service to attend to every need. Guests will be transported to a luxurious haven in natural surroundings.
  • Nourish: Healthy, interesting cuisine. Everything is to be made on the premises. Complimentary fresh juices and snacks to be offered
    throughout the day
  • Educate: Learning about the local culture and environment and heritage – through talks, cooking classes, tours, wall art of local history, and books.
  • Pamper: The spa will integrate Eastern holistic wellness therapies (ayurveda, yoga, massage, acupuncture) with Western traditional medicine (anti aging rejuvenation, weight loss therapies) as well as modern cutting edge treatments in beauty and anti-aging.


COCOON Location & Clientele

Set in the wetlands surronding the lakes of Batu Gajah in Perak, Malaysia, the resort will attract discerning individuals seeking luxury wellness, relaxation and specialised treatments with discretion and anonymity.


COCOON Brand Pillar

Celebrating the tranquility of its inherent natural surroundings things that surprise and charm for a truly memorable experience.