Green Hospitality

A ‘Real & Present” Endeavour to Embrace Harmony with Nature

The management and staff of Alorie Hospitality believe that to achieve our goals of becoming the premiere hotelier management company in South East Asia, we must not only be in the lead economically, but also environmentally and socially as well. The company understands that it is in a prominent position to affect the environment in the region.

Our objective is not only to sustain our environment for our future generations to appreciate but also to rehabilitate and restore the damage previously done by offering ways and means for hotels and resorts to undertake such efforts.

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our proprietary and management borders and we endeavour to inspire cooperation with our neighbours and suppliers to develop a hospitality business in a sound, practical and sustainable manner. No efforts will be spared or compromised to conserve resources throughout our management and consultant services offered.

We will always recommend to hotel and resort purchasing departments to diligently and meticulously seek products and services of local origin; especially those that are environmentally benign. We will endeavour to have hotels and resorts choose to hire local staff whenever possible and seek to recommend workable training venues whenever, where ever possible.

Furthermore, Alorie Hospitality will not only study and recommend to our clients to adhere and comply with their national, state, and provincial environmental laws and regulations currently in force, but to also inspire them to go beyond the status quo and seek techniques, methods, and approaches that position them ahead of their competition.

Alorie Hospitality will seek to encourage our clients to conscientiously seek international recognition of their adopted “Green Policies” with various international certifying groups and NGOs; such as Green Globe. This endeavour will instill with our hotel
and resort hospitality clients a strong sense of being in harmony with nature; from inception to design to construction and operation.

The Alorie Hospitality policy towards the environment will be readily available and promoted to our business partners and clients. Growth of our company depends on our abilities and success to provide environmentally sound management principles that will minimize or eliminate our human foot print on our natural surroundings.

Our ultimate success depends on the health and wellbeing of the natural marine and terrestrial environment of the South East Asia region, for without a beautiful countryside, coastline or coral reef, our customers will cease to come.

Alorie Hospitality’s Environmental Mission is to engage our clients to fully recognize their presence in nature and the world; that they are intricately and integrally a part and parcel of it and not despite it.

We have a serious and destructive human ‘foot print’ on the world today with not just global warming but with limited freshwater resources, decreasing cultivable land resources, reducing marine coastal fisheries, and over population. We have a global moral responsibility to find ‘a better way’ than what has been happening to our world for the past century.

Alorie Hospitality’s Environmental Mission will include advising our clients with:

  • Building materials choice and use for environmental considerations for efficiency and ecological sound availability
  • Building and site use positioning, design, and overall foot print with regards to indigenous land and water shed characteristics, coastal zone, and marine submerged lands
  • Choices of freshwater source extraction, production, or a hybrid collection application to more than adequately maintain their desired clientele needs
  • Choices of power production systems based on site and regional conditions and fuel source availability; be it fossil based, wind, solar, or even thermal
  • Guest villa or room comfort and efficiency features with regards to air temperature & air movement, solar heat sunrise-sunset parameters, furnishings and amenities compatible to the choice of site conditions
  • Communications and IT preferences based on client’s desired level of control and management
  • Solid waste management with the latest technology and systems available for processing, compaction, composting, and even reuse of a some materials for other resort or hotel operational features
  • Liquid waste management with regards to proper handling of fuel & oil associated with power generating systems, transportation vehicles, food & beverage cooking oils, and food related liquid waste
  • Sewage waste management and treatment with the latest, state of the art systems available to ensure that the environment is absolutely unaffected with high nutrients, pathogens, and even be able to make innocuous humus that is useable for flora gardens and landscaping.